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The SR600 is a new anti-theft alarm system and powerful 600 lumen front light. Our patented EasyPull technology allows you to activate the alarm simply by pulling the torch out of the base – a simple solution that makes safeguarding your bicycle easy and stress free.

Alarm turns on/off by the torch - no wasting time with a keypad, FOB or app

Alarm uses smart motion sensor to protect your bike from theft

Alarm recharges by the torch - no need to take it off to charge

The SR600 torch has a built-in high capacity rechargeable battery bursting to 600 lumens, with 5 lighting modes delivering over 10 hours running time. Every torch has a unique serial number, meaning only a torch paired with the alarm can unlock it (see how to pair here).  The electronic connection between the torch and alarm make the SR600 completely safe from cyber attacks

Lithium Rechargeable Battery

Directed Beam Pattern

5 Lighting Modes

600 Lumen: 1.5hrs
300 Lumen: 4hrs
150 Lumen: 10hrs
600 Lumen Flash (Daytime Mode) : 5hrs
Night Mode: 300L Flash + 150L Constant: 8hrs

Our innovative TrueSense motion technology means the SR600 alarm system is far smarter than your typical bike alarm. The built in motion sensor will continuously assess the movement of your bike. It does a superior job at identifying a real theft vs traditional alarms, to maximise security and reduce false triggers. So whether you’re parking in a bike rack, vertical locker or side rail, you can rest assured the SR600 will work itself out and know what to do.

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    Once a thief is riding your bike, no-one can tell it is stolen. To passers-by they are just another cyclist… but not with the SR600. The warning cover and loud siren protect your bike from opportunistic thieves, applying pressure when it’s needed most and dispersing preying eyes.

    Immediately after the torch is removed the PROTECT state is active for 3 seconds. In this state the alarm is hypersensitive, and if it triggers the only way to turn it off is to reconnect the torch. So if someone tries to steal your bike in person you can quickly trigger the alarm – anywhere your bike goes the alarm will follow it, giving you real time protection.

    This activates once the PROTECT state has been cleared. In TrueSense mode the alarm is programmed to recognise different types of motion that may correspond to theft. There are several states to this mode depending on how much motion is detected and how long for. It is designed to prevent false triggers when parked, ignore wind/rain, give a warning if motion is detected and a full siren if motion persists. If motion stops, after a while the alarm will also stop.

    The alarm attaches to the front handlebar by a steel clamp. The jaws of the metal clamp create a formidable grip that ensures the SR600 will not come off in the event of a theft. The alarm uses its own battery which is automatically recharged when the torch is connected. So once the alarm is set up you never need to think about it again. Arming, disarming and charging… all automatically done by the torch – easy!


    The SR600 comes with everything you need to get setup. This includes a beautifully packaged white gift box; the SR600 torch and the alarm; user manuals and instructions; custom Bouh screwdrivers, USB cable and two rubber straps. 


    If you are home or away, you can rest assured that your bike is safer with the SR600. The ten day alarm battery means the SR600 can faithfully watch over your bike if you are away for the week, or every night when the dark draws in. If someone tries to move your bike the loud siren will alert you or your neighbors – applying pressure when it’s needed most. 


    The SR600 can be paired with multiple other units so you can share it’s security with family, friends and even clubs. The pairing process is simple, and the custom electronic encryption makes it impossible to infiltrate. The SR600 does not rely on external signals such as GPS or blue-tooth, making it highly reliable and completely safe from cyber-attacks.


    When enjoying your holiday abroad the last thing you want nagging at you is the worry of bike theft. With the SR600 alarm you can rest assured your bike is as safe as it can be. 


    The SR600 alarm is ideal if you’re constantly on and off your bike. It is a quick and easy way to add some more security to your bike without having to spend any additional setup time.



    Colour: Black
    Weight: 120g
    Dimensions: 12cm x 1.5cm (L x Dia.)
    Material: Aluminium and plastic
    Light source: CREE LED
    LED Brightness: 600 lumen (max)
    Lighting Modes: 5 (inc. flash)
    Running time: 1.5hrs for 600 lumen, 10hrs for low beam
    Rechargeable: Yes – USB with built in LiPo battery
    Feedback: status LEDs indicate low battery and fully charged


    Colour: Black
    Weight: 130g
    Dimensions: 12cm x 2cm x 2.5cm (L x W x H excluding strap length)
    Material: Aluminium base with plastic top
    Strap material: Stainless steel
    Mount size: 24mm – 32mm, protective rubber included
    Hardware: 6-axis motion sensor, 104dB siren and driver
    Software: motion profiling and recognition algorithms
    Battery: LiPo, automatically recharged via torch unit
    Running time: 10+ days