The full SR600 set, including torch, alarm and all accessories.

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The SR600 is a new anti-theft alarm system and powerful front light. The alarm uses motion sensors to detect potential theft and a thunderous siren to defend your bicycle. The alarm turns on when the torch is unmounted – a simple solution that makes safeguarding your bicycle hassle and stress-free.

Alarm recharges by the torch – no need to take it off to charge.

Alarm turns on/off by the torch – no wasting time with a keypad, FOBs or app.

Two units in one neat package – super easy maintenance

Aluminium base and metal clamp – extremely versatile construction

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    Once a thief is riding your bike, no-one can tell it’s stolen. To passers-by they are just another cyclist. But not with the SR600. A 120dB siren in the face of the rider makes sure the thief and anyone nearby knows this bike is (trying to be) stolen! So if you were a thief what would you rather tackle: a dual layer lock + alarm or a single lock?


    Our patented alarm system has been developed specifically for cycling. By using a built in motion sensor the SR600 can recognise the difference between a real theft and an accidental bump or knock. You can rest assured that the SR600 will keep your bike safe, and you won’t get false triggers. 



    The SR600 torch has a built-in high capacity rechargeable battery bursting to 600 lumens, with 5 lighting modes delivering over 10 hours running time. Every torch has a unique serial number, meaning only a torch paired with the alarm can unlock it (see how to pair here).  The electronic connection between the torch and alarm make the SR600 completely safe from cyber attacks.


    If someone tries to steal your bike in person the SR600 can protect you. Pull the torch from the alarm and give your bike a small shake – the alarm trigger and wherever your bike goes the siren will follow it. Real time protection from your trusted companion.

    Lithium Rechargeable Battery

    Weatherproof and Durable

    Directed Beam Pattern

    5 Lighting Modes

    600 Lumen: 1.5hrs
    300 Lumen: 4hrs
    150 Lumen: 10hrs
    600 Lumen Flash (Daytime Mode) : 5hrs
    Night Mode: 300L Flash + 150L Constant: 8hrs


    Everything you need to setup the SR600 is included in the box: SR600 Torch, SR600 Alarm and handlebar mount, Precision screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, Micro USB Cable, Spare rubber for mount, User manuals and installation guide


    The alarm attaches to the front handlebar by a steel clamp. The jaws of the metal clamp create a formidable grip that ensures the SR600 will not come off in the event of a theft. 



    The alarm uses its own battery which is automatically recharged when the torch is connected. So once the alarm is set up you never need to think about it again. Arming, disarming and charging… all automatically done by the torch – easy!



    Colour: Black
    Weight: 120g
    Dimensions: 12cm x 1.5cm (L x Dia.)
    Material: Aluminium and plastic
    Light source: CREE LED
    LED Brightness: 600 lumen (max)
    Lighting Modes: 5 (inc. flash)
    Running time: 1.5hrs for 600 lumen, 10hrs for low beam
    Rechargeable: Yes – USB with built in LiPo battery
    Feedback: status LEDs indicate low battery and fully charged


    Colour: Black
    Weight: 100g
    Dimensions: 12cm x 2cm x 2.5cm (L x W x H excluding strap length)
    Material: Aluminium base with plastic top
    Strap material: Stainless steel
    Mount size: 21mm – 32mm, protective rubber included
    Hardware: 6-axis motion sensor, 120dB siren and driver
    Software: motion profiling and recognition algorithms
    Battery: LiPo, automatically recharged via torch unit
    Running time: 10+ days


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