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The Downsides

Alarm systems have their downsides. The most obvious downside is you need to buy another device, mount it on your bike frame, keep an extra set of batteries charged and control it with some complex key FOB, app or PIN activator. Build quality might not be the best and the alarm giving false triggers is another major concern. So, we’ve decided to address these issues and more.

Our solution is Stingray: a bicycle light with a built-in alarm system. I know what you’re thinking: pure genius right? Or perhaps not… to be honest bicycle lights with alarm systems have been available for some time now. But this article isn’t about pitching an idea, it’s about explaining how every detail and function behind Stingray has been meticulously designed for user convenience, functionality and durability. We’ve developed the most cost effective security deterrent for your bicycle, and here’s why.


Stingray consists of two parts: a torch and a cradle. The cradle can be attached onto any handlebar and contains the alarm unit (a battery, motion sensor and siren). The torch mounts to the cradle via a quick release mechanism, and uses a Li-Po internal battery to emit a full 300 lumen beam. Both parts are made from metal and were designed in the UK.

The perfect urban cycling light with no change in your lifestyle

So with Stingray you have the perfect urban cycling light. The torch features a high capacity internal battery rechargeable via USB, a wide beam angle for excellent forward and side visibility, and several lighting modes. You can ride and park your bicycle as you normally would, but here’s where things get interesting. With Stingray, once you pull the torch unit out from the cradle, the alarm will automatically engage. From now on, if anyone tries to move your bike, a whopping 120dB siren will blast in their face.

The smart alarm

Stingray’s alarm does not use any typical motion sensor. We’re using 6-axis motion sensor, with advanced memory capability and a LOT of pre-defined motion recognition algorithms. This means every motion is carefully logged and monitored to ensure you don’t get ANY false triggers. More importantly, when Stingray detects motion corresponding to a real theft, the siren will trigger immediately and stay on until motion stops. It gets better still: the alarm system uses a in-built LiPo battery. Combined with its tamper proof metal design mean there is no easy way of breaking the Stingray alarm (more on that later…).


We wanted the user to easily maintain both the alarm and the torch, so we designed an innovative approach: the cradle unit is charged by the torch itself. Charge the torch as you normally would (typically charge once a week for regular use) and the cradle will be automatically topped up. Because the power electronics are so efficient, on a full charge the cradle can last over 28 days.

What about security you say? Each torch is paired to its cradle, and includes a unique serial number. This means only you can activate the alarm in your cradle using your torch. The pairing process is straightforward so you can also pair more torches if you wish!

Don’t want to use the alarm? You can simply hold the side button when removing the torch to prevent the alarm system from activating. You see, we’ve designed a system that gives the cyclist complete control over their alarm system, without actually having to do anything different to what they usually do.

Smart right?

Tamper proof mounting system

“But what if someone just unscrews the cradle? Or smashes it with a hammer?” I hear you ask. Well, the aluminium jubilee strap holds Stingray firmly to any handlebar. The tamper proof screws with unique custom keys ensure only the user can take Stingray off. The metal body is resilient to shock and the mounting position on the front handlebar means you can’t cut it off without causing serious damage to the bike.

What’s Next?

We’re launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring Stingray to market. Help us out by sign up to our email list below and sharing our home page! Our email subs will get first notice for the early bird discount. Join us as we venture to make a better cycling world. #TeamBouh

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